I will start off by saying that, the way I choose to live my life, is not how you, or people you know, may choose to live theirs. I accept that this lifestyle isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, however I assume that if you are currently reading this.. it is yours, or maybe you are just curious about it? Either way, I welcome everyone of all ages to come and read my blogs and enjoy the ride with me.

I am a British girl, in my 20’s, slim build and long hair. I have always had a very high sex drive. My friends used to call me a bloke, because I spent most of my days feeling horny and fantasizing about men and women, boobs, cocks.. you name it. if it was sexual I had it on my mind!

So.. you want to know what the life of a swinger is like do you? Well, my friend, it’s a crazy world. I have had my fair share of good times, and my fair share of bad times. Unfortunately, it isn’t like how you may see it in the movies. My Grey does not exist in the real swinging world (sorry, girls!). Swinging isn’t romantic, it’s not love and it definitely isn’t ‘vanilla’.

Swinging is what you make of it, however. You may as well end up falling madly in love with a man, or woman, you simply met up to fuck, or you may not. I for one, have never met anyone with the intention of falling in love with them. That is how I choose to live in my swinging world. Meaningless, emotionless, carefree, hard, hurtful and fucking incredible. Swinging is a whole different world, trust me. You can become somebody you never would be in the ‘real world’. You can be selfish, you can be a bitch, a slut, a dominant, submissive. You choose who you want to be. You choose the character you wish to play. No Mr Greys.. you play in your own god damn movie.

That is the wonders of being a swinger, and that is why I choose to do it. In real life, believe it or not, I have zero amounts of confidence. I am never in charge, rarely social and I tend to be very independent in everything that I do. But this world, this world has enabled me to be my inner devil. To be the complete opposite, to have so much power over both females and males, physically and emotionally.

So, if you have gotten this far.. I hope you are feeling curious to know more about swinging. This is simply an introduction, to outline what this blog intends to do. I will teach you, guide you, give you advice and share my personal experiences and stories with you all. Call me some sort of mentor.. if you like.



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